Talent Edge Learn Portal 1

Increase your employee engagement with Talent Edge Learn’s AI powered LMS portal.

Host your training content on our portal, or use our content.

Customize your content courses

Talent Edge Learn can customize your courses, with your content or ours, to meet the type of learning needed for your teams, divisions, and organizations.
We design instructor led, self-paced, blended, and micro learning courses, for learners to engage with laptops, tablets, and phones.

Talent Edge Learn Portal 1
Talent Edge Learn portal 2a

Manage your employees progress
How much time do your training and development teams budget just for tracking which divisions, teams, and individuals completed a leadership training program.
You can track where your employees are in the learning process and if they have completed specific training programs. You can divide your employees by divisions, teams, or individuals.


When using gamification we increase employee engagement, productivity, with an enjoyable applied learning experience.
You can have an organization, division, or team competition, to earn certifications, points, badges, or your company kudos.

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Talent Edge Learn portal automation


Automation can make the learning management process easier for instructors, managers, and employees.

We can use rules to automate periods, tasks and messages to individuals, teams, and organizations.


Customize compliance courses per team and track the learning progress. Download reports of those who completed required courses or show employee progress. Schedule reminders for specific teams to start the required modules and award certificates for course completion.

Talent Edge Learn Compliance